Are You Looking for the Truth?

Does it make sense to you…looking for the truth in a world based on lies?

We live in a world where truth has become taboo. It is shunned and ridiculed and discouraged. Today, we must believe in the ‘official’ version of things. Materialism surpasses all sense of morality. If you are rich and have a high level of consumption (a high lifestyle), you are respected no matter where the money is coming from. We are not interested in the Truth today, just in success. But success is impossible without knowing the Truth.

The most basic truth is the truth about ourselves – who are we? where do we come from and why? and where do we go when we die? Is there a God? And if there is, how can we know? How can we connect with the Supreme Being?

If some of the above questions are bothering you from time to time, congratulations! It means that the natural equipment that God had blessed you with is still working. There is an amber burried beneath the ashes, and you can light the fire of truth. If you want to know the truth, truly and sincerely, rest assured that you will find it.

In Sufi spirituality, your spirit is initiated by doing a breathing exercise that I call “Sufi Breathing”. It is known as Dhikr in Sufi Orders. The exercise awakens your inner self, your spirit, which then becomes capable of appreciating the Truth. As you follow the Sufi path, you keep moving closer to the Truth…or God.

In my book Gone Spiritual, I have described more details and have also written about how to practice Sufi Breathing. you can benefit from this irrespective of your race or religion. All you need to do is, want it.

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Definition of Spirituality

Spirituality Defined: Spirituality is the discipline that is practiced for achieving spiritual purification and enlightenment for the sole purpose of gaining cognizance of the Supreme Being.

Purpose of Spirituality: True Spirituality is the pursuit of God. Most of the versions of so called spirituality available in the market today are just products that you are expected to buy. They are not genuine and they don’t work. They may relax your mind or body to some extent (although I have my doubts about that), but they do nothing for the spirit. The spirit is energized when your only purpose is to find the Absolute Reality.

Spirituality Definition Explained: Spirituality presumes that a person is a combination of body and spirit. Certain exercises and meditations are prescribed to the seeker, which he or she can practice and awaken the spirit within him or her. In Sufi spirituality, the sole purpose of the seeker is to recognize and feel the Supreme Being – God or Allah. No other conditions are prescribed, such as change in belief or appearance. When the seeker practices the techniques, he or she intrinsically moves closer to the Truth, without anyone having to tell him or her anything.

What True Spirituality Can Do for You: Sincerity of purpose is necessary and the simple exercise has to be practiced daily for it to work. True spirituality does not aim at worldly gains, although everything follows when you get connected with the Eternal and Supreme Power. Allah is the Cause of all causes and once you strive to link with that Supreme Being, secrets of the world unravel themselves before you. True spirituality brings peace and contentment in this world, and eternal happiness in the next.

True Spirituality

Practicing Spirituality: Spirituality is not about definitions and explanations. True spirituality is a practice that you have to practically do in order to achieve results. Practicing Sufi spirituality is very simple. There is basically a straightforward breathing exercise that you practice twice a day to awaken your spirit. Once your spirit is rejuvenated, you don’t only feel a deep sense of satisfaction, but also begin to see that there is really a Supreme Power, God, Allah. By continuing to practice your spirituality, your spirit continues to grow, gaining spiritual powers and becoming one with the Ultimate Unity.

A Book about True Spirituality

What is True Spirituality?

What is the reality of spirituality? you ask; spirituality, my dear reader, is the Reality.

by Aves E

Many of us are not even aware if the spirit exists or not. Oblivious of this eternal and supernatural part of our existence, we neglect our spirit until it is paralyzed and loses its ability to see the metaphysical Reality. Losing touch with the Eternal is like denying our own existence. By denying the Reality, we wrong none other than our own selves. In order to actualize our full potential as human beings, we must maintain our spiritual health.

Living happily without a purpose is like traveling without where you are going and who you are. Could you be comfortable in such a situation? (imagine being Jason Bourne!) Exactly. Have you ever wondered why we feel restless or depressed when apparently everything is fine? And when things aren’t going well, it’s only natural to be worried. Yet sometimes petty things seem to worry us too much, while we conveniently ignore the undeniable Reality.

The void inside you has to be filled, and it can only be filled by Love of the Eternal, the Absolute, the Real, the Truth…Allah, God, Eshwar, the Supreme Being or any other Name you have for that One and Only God. Love is the way to the Reality and you can only feel this Love when your spirit is purified.

By practicing the powerful breathing exercise and meditation that I have described in this book, you can jumpstart your spirit in days. You will not become superman, but may actualize the full potential of your human existence, and become someone far superior to superheroes…superior even to the angels.

It doesn’t matter if you believe in spirituality or not. The techniques in this book work regardless of your creed, age or gender. The book goes beyond words and  includes metaphysical elements that work for you as you go through it.