Sufi Breathing: the Life Changing Breathing Exercise

Alright, so I’m here after a rather long time. Just as I had expected, very few people are interested in spirituality, and even fewer have the courage to seek and handle the truth. Add to it the fact that I’m not into writing books for making money, so I hardly ever promote Gone Spiritual, not that I can afford to. Also, my book writing skills may be atrocious for many readers. Due to these reasons, the book’s sales have been moving at a snail’s pace, and I found no sense in posting once a week or month.

Zikr: The Amazing Sufi Breathing Exercise

The roots of Sufism date back to around 1400 years ago. The genuine Sufis were to be found in large numbers around 1000 years back into the history. Then, their numbers dwindled and they became near-extinct in the 20th century.

Among the practices of the Sufis, “Zikr”, or the breathing exercise that I’m about to introduce, has the central importance. The Sufi Breathing Exercise is the first step of the Awaisia (Naqshbandia) Sufi Order. It has life-changing effects, as I’ve described in my book. To my deep pleasure, many of the readers who have practiced the exercise have experienced these. Some of them also contacted me for further guidance, and I pray for their success and progress on this path.

Anyway, here’s the amazing “Sufi Breathing” or Zikr, as I have described it in one of the chapters in my book. It may appear to be simple to practice, but believe me when I tell you that its effects are miraculous. Practice it twice a day, mornings and evenings, and you’ll see for yourself.

Setting Up for Sufi Breathing (Zikr)

Just sit in a comfortable posture at a place where no one can disturb you. Put your phone on silent and turn off the lights.

1. Just make sure that you are relaxed and comfortable.
2. Close your eyes and don’t open them throughout the session.
3. Empty your mind and focus on your breathing.
4. Keep your lips closed and breathe normally through your nose. Don’t speak throughout the exercise.
5. Think about the metaphysical Unity, the One True God, and think how deeply you want to be know that Entity and receive spiritual enlightenment.

Focusing and Breathing

The exercise is regulated by breathing. Breathing is a sign of the spirit, as when the breathing stops, the spirit leaves the body. Breathing is also something that we do 24×7 until we die. Doing the exercise with breathing makes it possible to keep recharging our spirit all the time. This comes with a little practice.

The Breathing Session

1. Focus on Allah, God, the Supreme Being, the Eternal Energy, HU or whatever other Name you have for that Infinite Unity. Imagine it right before you, in the form of the word ALLAH, or a Light source. Please don’t imagine it as a human or animal figure or anything material or physical. That will compromise the results of this exercise and might even make it counter-productive.

2. Concentrate on your Heart. The spiritual Heart is located exactly where your physical heart is. Try to feel it in your chest. Initially, it may seem strange to you, and you might not be able to find your heart. But, within a few days, you’ll realize that there is something in there that was sleeping before.

3. Think about the metaphysical God. ALLAH. With your eyes closed, link the Light of ALLAH with your heart. Just think that the Light is surrounding you and is entering your heart.

4. Breathe normally. Eyes closed.

5. When you inhale, think of the the word ALLAh, or the Light Source, as mentioned above. There is no need for a detailed imagination. Just think that it is right there in front of you, emanating Rays or Lights.

6. As you inhale, think that the Lights are being sucked into your Heart.

7. When you exhale, think of it as HU. (Say it in your heart, “Hoo”…you’ll feel good). Think that HU is striking your Heart like a thunderbolt or like laser fire in a Star Wars flick. Don’t start thinking about the movie though, and keep your focus on the Light and the strike of HU.

8. You are focused on the symbol or the Light source while breathing in and the Strike of HU (the Lights of HU striking your Heart) while breathing out.

9. Accelerate the pace of your breathing gradually. Try to breathe at a rate 3 to 4 times your normal rate of breathing. Take shallow but rapid breaths. Do not deep breathe or you may hyperventilate. The faster and the more forcefully you breathe, the more Lights you absorb, and the quicker you progress.

10. Keep the inhaling a little longer than the exhaling. The exhaling should be short and forceful and you should think of the Strike as a powerful one. A more energetic session gives instant and amazing results.

11. Keep absorbing the Lights of HU into your Heart all the time. If you are lucky, you may get to see the Lights. But even if you don’t see them, just think that they are penetrating into your Heart, and they actually do. If you find it hard to absorb them at first, you can also regulate it with your breathing. When you inhale and think about the Energy, also think that it is flowing into your Heart. When you exhale and think about the strike of HU, also think that the Lights have penetrated into your Heart. At the proper time, you will be able to feel it too.

12. Keep a swaying motion. Give a slight swing to your body from the back or the neck when you exhale. Normally, most people feel comfortable swaying backward when inhaling, and jerking forward when exhaling. You can move your torso or neck in any way you feel comfortable. Movement will do two things. It will improve the level of your concentration and will warm up your body. The Lights of HU absorb faster in a warmed up body. Physiologically, it’s a cardiovascular exercise and burns fat.

13. Strike with force. It is important to think that the Lights of HU are striking your Heart with all their might. Think of them as canon shells hitting your Heart or big bolts of lightning etc.

14. Keep your focus. You may lose it every now and then and your mind may wander to other things. Bring yourself back to focus on the Energy and the strike of HU on your Heart.

15. Keep doing this Sufi Breathing for at least 10 minutes; however, the longer you do it, the faster you see the effects. The urge you have to seek HU is very important. How desperately you want to find HU and purify your spirit decides how rapidly you get the results. It is possible that you may not feel like stopping, even after more than 10 minutes have passed. This is because your spirit is getting nourished and urges you to go on.

Here is a quick simplification of what I have written above.

a) Inhale » Think of ALLAH and absorb the Light into your Heart.

b) Exhale » The Strike of HU. The Lights striking your Heart and absorbing. Think of it as HU.

After 10-15 minutes or more, you can stop breathing rapidly and return to your normal breathing. Keep your eyes closed. Keep your focus on your heart and keep absorbing the Lights for a couple of minutes.

And that’s it. You can say a quick prayer to God, as He is the Ultimate Consciousness and hears and sees all. He will give you an answer and show you the Light.


Are You Looking for the Truth?

Does it make sense to you…looking for the truth in a world based on lies?

We live in a world where truth has become taboo. It is shunned and ridiculed and discouraged. Today, we must believe in the ‘official’ version of things. Materialism surpasses all sense of morality. If you are rich and have a high level of consumption (a high lifestyle), you are respected no matter where the money is coming from. We are not interested in the Truth today, just in success. But success is impossible without knowing the Truth.

The most basic truth is the truth about ourselves – who are we? where do we come from and why? and where do we go when we die? Is there a God? And if there is, how can we know? How can we connect with the Supreme Being?

If some of the above questions are bothering you from time to time, congratulations! It means that the natural equipment that God had blessed you with is still working. There is an amber burried beneath the ashes, and you can light the fire of truth. If you want to know the truth, truly and sincerely, rest assured that you will find it.

In Sufi spirituality, your spirit is initiated by doing a breathing exercise that I call “Sufi Breathing”. It is known as Dhikr in Sufi Orders. The exercise awakens your inner self, your spirit, which then becomes capable of appreciating the Truth. As you follow the Sufi path, you keep moving closer to the Truth…or God.

In my book Gone Spiritual, I have described more details and have also written about how to practice Sufi Breathing. you can benefit from this irrespective of your race or religion. All you need to do is, want it.

Please download the book and feel free to share your thoughts and comments.


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