Have You Read the Book and are Wondering About Something?

by Aves E

If you happen to be visiting my blog after reading the book (Gone Spiritual), there may be things on your mind that you want to ask. I am available here to provide you spiritual guidance and answer your questions. Please comment on this post and I’ll revert to you asap. Thank you for reading my book and visiting this page.


6 thoughts on “Have You Read the Book and are Wondering About Something?

  1. giovanni says:

    wich is the correct pronunciation of “Hu”?

  2. It comes from Arabic. It basically means ‘He Is the One’ or something similar. But it is to be spoken in the heart, so the pronunciation doesn’t really matter. After some time, the words are no longer there. It’s just the Being that remains. One has to practice it to understand what I just said.

  3. Jef says:

    Hi Aves,
    I found your book on Amazon. I red it and practiced. In the beginning I had some difficulties with the exhalation and the Lights. But after two sessions I noticed that my exhalation changed into blowing into a fire in my heart. Something you do when you are taking care of a small fire.
    I hope this is clear enough for you.
    This made the exercise much easier and made me able to carrie it through the day.
    Thought I needed to share this with you.

    • Hey Jef, great to know you’ve been practicing and are already observing the Light. God shows you His signs when you try to get closer to Him. However, observations also distract you, so you should ignore them and keep focusing only on Allah. I’m also writing a blog post for further guidance and you can check back in a couple of days. Wish you the best!

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