Gone Spiritual…a book about true spirituality

Gone Spiritual...a book about true spirituality

The Spirit is an ethereal entity. It requires to establish a connection with the Energy in order to get energized and maintain its subtlety. Turning away from the Energy hardens the spirit. It becomes unappreciative of the metaphysical Reality.

The spiritual Heart is like a mirror, from which the Eternal Energy reflects. By neglecting the spirit, we cripple our spiritual abilities and become oblivious of the Truth. It is not the eyes, but the hearts that go blind.


What is Spirituality?

Spirituality means acknowledging the existence of the spirit and seeking its reformation and enlightenment. When the spirit is reformed, the purpose of our existence is achieved. We can see beyond the physical and becomes cognizant with the Truth.

Spirituality is not the name of a philosophy or a theory, but a practice. It is the easiest and the simplest exercise you may have known. You can practice spirituality irrespective of your color, race, religion, gender or age.

By doing the spiritual exercises like Sufi Breathing that I have described in my book, you can restore your spirit to full health. Spirituality gives you immense satisfaction and consummates the purpose of our existence.


Kindle Edition


Spirituality for Happiness


Kindle Edition

Welcome to true and practical spirituality that leads to unprecedented happiness. I am Aves E, the author of Gone Spiritual, a guide to the Sufi blend of spirituality and meditation.

Gone Spiritual is based on my 15 years journey into spiritual enlightenment. It’s a book that introduces you to your own tremendous spiritual potential, and tells you practical exercises to strengthen your spirit. The results of purifying your spirit cannot be described in words.

Spirit is the master of the body and the mind. It is a metaphysical entity and hence beyond the grasp of our mental faculties.The spirit is eternal because it is a part of the Infinite, Eternal Energy that is everywhere, and in everything.

Just as the body requires food and drink to remain healthy, there are some requirements for spiritual health also. The most important requirement is that your spirit should be able to connect with the Eternal Energy. Love of the Eternal, the Absolute, the Almighty, the Truth or GOD is what’s essential for the spirit to survive.

Connecting with the Energy is the easiest thing to do. You just need to know the simple exercise and meditation and practice them as the book recommends.

There are times in every person’s life when he or she is redefining life and priorities. People want to change the way they live and see their lives. Gone Spiritual is a book that can change your life. But even if you are not looking for change, it is a good idea to know about your spirit, as it is an extremely powerful entity.

Living a full life and realizing your potential is not possible unless you seek spiritual enlightenment. True spirituality brings you eternal happiness that not only makes you truly happy and contented in this life, but also extends beyond physiological death.

Spirituality comes naturally to you, as you already have that magnificent being diffused in your body. If you have an urge to know the Truth, rest assured that you will find it.